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Beauty Treatments

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Beauty Bespoke treatments is a comprehensive and multifunctional field of knowledge encompassing general chemical, medical, and biological subjects. It primarily relates to dermatology and aesthetic medicine, as it is strongly connected to these disciplines. This field requires familiarity with basic and clinical medical sciences, including anatomy, histology, cell physiology, general and cosmetic chemistry, biochemistry, dermatology, allergology, and endocrinology. A therapist mainly deals with:

  1. Preventing the formation of skin defects.

  2. Issues related to skin beautification.

  3. Understanding the compositions of cosmetic products and their impact on different skin types.

  4. Prevention to delay external signs of skin aging.

  5. Correcting flaws in external appearance.

  6. Knowledge about skin changes that adversely affect overall external appearance.

  7. The impact of UV radiation on the skin.

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